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Pamper your skin and beard with the CTG beard oil, body butter, and cologne set. Choose from two different fragrances that will leave you smelling amazing all day long.

  • Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.
  • Made in the USA: This product is proudly made in the USA by Captivating Trendy Glamorous.
  • Quantity per pack: This set includes one pack with all three products - beard oil (30ml), body butter (4oz), and cologne (30ml).

The CTG body butter is a luxurious blend of natural ingredients that deeply moisturize your skin leaving it soft and supple. The Shea Butter provides intense hydration while Coconut Oil nourishes your skin from within. Kokum Butter helps to regenerate skin cells while Jojoba Oil helps to soothe irritated skin. Vitamin E completes this powerful blend by protecting your skin against free radicals that cause damage.

The CTG Beard oil contains a perfect blend of natural oils that penetrate deep into the hair follicles making them soft while also nourishing them to prevent breakage. The result is a softer healthier-looking beard with less frizz or split ends which also smells great!

The CTG Cologne gives you an irresistible fragrance which lasts for hours on end leaving everyone longing for more! Perfect for any occasion or season; this fragrance will make you stand out from everyone else in any crowd!

  • Note: For external use only; avoid contact with eyes

CTG Beard Oil, Body Butter, and Cologne Set

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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